Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another day in paradise here. I decided to wash my windows. They had gotten to the point where I couldn't tell if it was foggy, or there was a forest fire nearby...... The insides were clean, I just hadn't washed the outside, mainly because I was waiting for them to finish building the house next door. When it wasn't a mud bowl from the rain, it was a dust bowl from the heat. (Man, do I complain a lot) So the windows are reasonably clean.
Tomorrow the fellows from church are coming to work on my fence, or at least that's what they told me today at church. So myself, in all my glory, decide I need to lay in supplies for the worker men........and bake bread.........(now you know I am really over the edge). I say bake it, because I don't eat bread, at buns, no bread, nothing with the last thing I want to do is buy store bread........ever smell the bread aisle? You know it has that weird smell, like those bad hot dog buns that fall apart right when you put the hot dog in them....they have a weird smell. (I don't eat hot dogs either) . That's what the bread aisle smells like. And the bakery always smells like they've just burned the bejeepers out of something. Usually you can tell what they've burned by a quick scan of the shelf......and usually it's the fruit and nut bread, which is usually good, if they don't burn it. If they overbake it, they loaves look something akin to the cowplops Sheriff JimDaddy brings me from his beefcows. So I have the fixings for making the bread, and nice enough I haven't lost my kneading skills. So the bread is now rising. What's better than homemade bread. I'll slap some jelly on it for them and they can have jellybread, which I happen to know they all go in big for. That and a few pots of coffee will get them cranked up (sugar and caffeine)! Smart of me, eh?

Sunday Night Rant............
So I have to close with one final thing here, because my "can" is so fried from it, if I don't post it, I'll implode. I put the 10pm news on (last night), mostly for the weather and because we had another round of nasty weather here yesterday....(see it's the weekend) And I happen to wander into the kitchen to wash the blueberries for my cereal and a blurb comes on the news about people hiring....I can barely type the words without blowing a nutty.........Professional do the things with their children they either don't have time for or the skill for......listed among these skills were potty training, learning to ride a bike, TYING their shoes. They had some gal on there from some Family Association who said that indeed it is becoming more and more common for parents, who don't have the TIME or the confidence in their own skills to farm out their parenting "jobs"........however, she qualified that by stating Double Penetration can be overdone........DUH! Furthermore..........I want to picture a whole group of people; men and women, parents, who don't have the skill to use the toilet, so therefore they can not possibly train their child to use the pot! I had my arm drawn back, with my bowl in my hand, ready to hurl it at the TV, but decided I didn't have the skill to get the glass out of my carpet like Playboy KarenMcDougal did.........I can however use the potty by myself, which is what the TV station should have done with that story.........flushed it. End of rant.